I have always enjoyed what I call "cut and paste" applique quilting; you know the kind with fusible web that you trace, cut and iron down.  I love to see something come together quickly and have a sense of accomplishment without days, weeks or in some cases months of work for one project.  I have also enjoyed some hand applique projects, but would prefer a cut and paste over any method.  I have always enjoyed sewing and quilting, but never really enjoyed all the prep work, like cutting and tracing templates and pattern pieces.
    In 2015 I discovered laser cut projects, boy did that change my outlook on cut and paste...wow, how fast could that project be done...maybe in an afternoon!  What a time saver. Well, in the spring of 2016 I was talking to my husband about how a kit I had wanted was still on back order from way back in the fall of 2015.  He started asking about why I wanted it laser cut.  This began a conversation that was mostly joking and dreaming in the beginning to ending on a very serious note.  The next day my folks dropped by our house after having been to a quilt show.  My dad informed me that I needed to quit decorating cakes and that I needed to get a real job...a laser!  I started laughing and told him that my husband and I had just been talking the night before about what we could do with a laser.  Well, one thing led to another and within a few weeks we were really serious about owning a laser and starting our own business centered around quilting.  After a lot of research and conversations, Red Rooster Laser Arts was born and we hit the ground running. 
    We all contribute in our way, from designing patterns, prepping fabric and sewing our samples to running the laser. My mother has been a quilter for as long as I can remember and her input is invaluable. My dad is a very talented artist and his involvement is paramount.  Even my husband helps out on a daily basis on the electronics and computer end of the business. I am blessed to be surrounded by such talented and hard working people.
    We strive to provide excellent customer service and we would love to earn your business.  Please feel free to contact us about custom orders, we aim to please and would love to give you something fun to crow about.  Speaking of the crowing, at any given time if you call to place an order you will probably hear one of my many roosters crowing in the background, as the laser studio is near the chicken yard.  Having a family business has been very rewarding and I wouldn't change a thing.